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Practical instruction from a working performer.

Learn banjo, guitar, or mandolin from an instructor who plays regularly and can give you the information you need to get where you want to go. Beginners looking for a low pressure introduction to Bluegrass music will find a friendly and knowledgeable coach who cares about keeping the fun in learning an instrument. Intermediate players looking to expand their repertoire or focus on specific aspects of their playing will find a willing partner who delights in the discovery and nurturing of the student's previously unrealized capabilities.

"Andy combines a variety of teaching styles...even inventing some when needed!  Being a multi-instrumentalist teacher makes experimenting, for the student, easy and comfortable.  We can even sing occasionally when the mood strikes.  And, we're both from Georgia; how cool is that running into each other in Benicia, California!"

Mark Fry


I just like to come over and hang out. We get to pickin' and before long, I'm too drunk to drive...

Name Withheld


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